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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Is it possible(or legal) to discipline a cop?

PORAC, or the Police Officers Research Association of California provides services for law enforcement officers throughout the state, in areas of legal and labor issues. It publishes a monthly magazine filled with articles, about issues faced by law enforcement officers, written by officers. The obvious slant in the articles allows readers to view one side of the story. As far as LE officers are concerned, that is all that is necessary.

Many articles are stored in the archives, regarding officers from the RPD who've been fired or suspended, always unjustly of course, then reinstated back to duty.

WARNING: These articles leave out a whole other side of the story, and because the average citizen is not legally able to determine the truth through examination of the evidence and facts, there is no way to know for sure if the officer really is guilty or not guilty of committing misconduct.

Cliff Mason: mid-1990s, excessive force when using a flashlight. Reason: feared for life.
Received 40 hour suspension. Reinstated in arbitration.
Currently, heads the SWAT/METRO team. Flashlight policy written in 1997.

Benjamin Shafer: fired in connection with handling narcotics seized as evidence.
Reason: the stress of studying for his detective exam combined with the hectic atmosphere of "Narco Bay" caused him to forget to make report corrections
Employment terminated. Reinstated in arbitration.
Currently, works as a motorcop in the traffic division and is a board member of the RPOA.

Richard Prince: Suspended in connection with a finding of excessive force suspension due to use of wrist lock, by Internal Affairs and the CPRC.
Reason: Believed it wasn't excessive
Suspended. Discipline reversed in arbitration
Currently, works in patrol. Shot and killed motorist Rene Guevara in December 2004.

Erich Feimer: Fired in connection with dishonesty about use of force during an arrest on report and to several supervisors
Reason: Memory loss
Fired, Reinstated in arbitration and by Riverside County Superior Court
Currently, works in patrol.

The reversal of Officer Cliff Mason's suspension

Officer Benjamin Shafer is unfired in arbitration

Richard Prince's suspension overturned

Erich Feimer: Did poor memory cause him to be less than honest?


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