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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Elections: To Be Continued

The semifinals round of the 2005 municipal elections were completed in Riverside, with two candidates from wards 2 and 4 heading into the final round to be held on Jan. 17, 2006.

Winning the first round in the second ward, which includes the Eastside, University neighborhood south of Blaine St, as well as portions of Canyoncrest and Sycamore Hights, was retired Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy Ruben Rasso, with 43% of the votes. He will be joined in the ward 2 final by Businessman Andrew Melendrez, who managed to secure 31% of the votes. Traditionally, the winner of the semifinal round of the election race loses in the finals, because the vote is no longer split among different candidates. It is anticipated that the majority of Deen Teer's voters(comprising 12% of the total votes) will jump onboard the Melendrez train straight to City Hall.

However, one can never underestimate the tenacity of campaigns done by candidates supported by the status quo. What Rasso lacks in experience and polish, he more than makes up in the zeal of those who back him with large financial contributions, exhaustive phone banks and door-to-door campaign. The sight all over his ward of members of the Fire Fighters union Political Action Committee waving signs as if they were trying to land Boing 747 jets on University Avenue and also in the "Four Corners" could be enough to sway the tide against semi final winners. Abeit, a wardrobe change for those who man the streets with signs, may be useful because most of the motorists at least in the "Four Corners" intersection were more concerned with the traffic logjam aggravated in part by our current incumbants from several wards, than in voting to give them four more years to create even more traffic congestion on the beleagured city streets.

The battle among the five candidates in Ward 4 is now down to only two, and weary voters can anticipate twice the mudslinging that occurred in the contentious first round between incumbant Frank Schiavone and retired trash collector, Sam Cardelucci. More colorful, entertaining advertisements and brochures detailing the evil acts committed by one candidate against the other are sure to fill the mail boxes of those residing and working in the city's largest ward. Cardelucci, riding on a wave of anti-DHL and unchecked housing development, tails Schiavone in the first round votes, but is anticipated to pick up crucial votes from those who supported the other three candidates in the race.

In less contested contests, Mayor Ron Loveridge won enough votes to avoid the final round all together and will be mayor for another 16 years, with Terry Frizzel coming in second, in the tally.

Nancy Hart who picked up some GASS Quartet money this time around, won a relatively uncontested race in ward 6.

County and state election results


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Very interesting information. Good to know!

Friday, January 27, 2006 2:04:00 PM  
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Congrats to the winners.

Friday, January 27, 2006 2:07:00 PM  

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