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Monday, September 11, 2006

CPRA watch ends

The CPRA request watch has officially ended.

A thick envelope has arrived from the Riverside Police Department last week, with responses to each one of the requests in the original letter. Bravo! It had arrived at the post office on Aug. 7 but had ended up in a storage room for a while.

Thanks also to Councilman Ed Adkison for his inquiry into the status of this CPRA request at the last city council meeting. Boo to City Attorney Gregory Priamos for shrugging his shoulders when asked about it.

Here is a list of the requested information and the response to each. Several of the items requested are in response to promises made by Chief Russ Leach and members of city management including at the March 28 Strategic Plan workshop at the city council meeting.

1) Quarterly progress of implementation of strategic
plan pursuant to guidelines set by workshop on 3/28

"To date, consultant is still considering
the proposal from the City Manager's office"

2) Number of digital video recorders purchased by the
city of Riverside for installation on department
vehicles after March 28, 2006. [A budget allotment was approved to purchase enough recorders to outfit every squad car in the fleet.]

"There has been no purchase since March 28.
Demonstration tests will be evaluated in early Fall

3) Amount of money to be allocated and its funding
source for the March 2007 Traffic Stop
Study [ promised by the police department on an annual basis
using different analysts]

Response: "$25,000 through the General Fund"

4) Taser policies and training

Enclosed was a powerpoint training presentation on the M26 and
X26 tasers which is from Taser International, Inc.'s own

5) Percentage of officers equipped with tasers:

Response: 57.7%(field operations division)

6) Progress report on cultural sensitivity training

Response: Letter and guidelines and email
correspondence from Training Division. August 18 was
final pre-planning meeting for September, 2006

Status of tasers:

M26: 34

X26: 48

Assignment of X26 tasers:

32 patrol (out of 113)

6 POP (out of 10)

2 UNET (out of 4)


2 PACT (out of 2)

1 SRO (out of 9)

1 CFMH (?)

1 returned to Taser for repair

1 Training Taser

1 Held for Investigation


Assignment of M26 Tasers:

25 patrol (out of 113, for both 57 out of 113)

2 POP (out of 10, 8 out of 10 equipped)

3 UNIT (out of 4 5 out of 4)

2 SRO (out of 9, 3 out of 9 equipped)

1 K9 (out of 6)

1 Training Taser

The police department hopes to be able to equip its field operations division with the X26 tasers, if it receives the funding to do so.


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