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Sunday, January 07, 2007

County to county

With all the brouha going in Riverside County by people upset that Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle fired Asst. Sheriff Stanley Sniff, it's almost difficult to remember that there's another sheriff in the Inland Empire.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department head, Gary Penrod was recently elected to a fourth term in office, according to the Press Enterprise.

San Bernardino County Sheriff praised

In his speech, Penrod did mention a few "black eyes". One of them is the officer-involved shooting of an airman last year by one of his deputies, Ivory J. Webb. The shooting that was captured on video occurred when Webb shot Elio Carrion after telling him to get up and Carrion did that.

A trial date has been set in that case and you can read about it here.

But before that, the sheriff and the district attorney got together to poke fun at each other like brothers in the same fraternity.

(excerpt, Penrod article)

Ramos have likened themselves to another crime-fighting pair featuring a stoic figure and his hyper companion.

"So he will never forget the dynamic duo of San Bernardino County," Ramos said, presenting Penrod with a framed picture of the Adam West/Burt Ward-era Batman and Robin

A Black police chief who has been fired from a law enforcement agency in Georgia is looking for legal representation. This is what he had to say.

Black Police Chief Gary Patterson FiredGlennville Police Department(The department is located 50 Minutes from Savannah, GA Next to Fort Stewart and the Hinesville, GA area)Needs Attorney to Assist With His Lawsuit

Murray hired April 2006 as Glennville's City Manager with a financial background and no law enforcement, management, or supervisory experience.

Murray put a White Sergeant in in charge of the police department while a Black Lieutenant was in place.

I applied for the vacant chief of police position in April 2006.

Murray did not select me as a candidate to be interviewed although white males with less education, training, and experience than I was selected for interviews.

The city council reviewed the applicants and I was selected to be interviewed after Councilmen Randy King insisted that I get interviewed since he agreed to vote to hire Murray although she was not a top applicant as a city manager but she was a local applicant.

The city council selected me as Glennville's first black Chief of Police.

I reported to Murray and Murray reported to the City Council on my behalf in regards to me directing the police department (No white chief worked under these conditions)

Murray became involved in every aspect of the police operations. She lied on me to the public and consulted with white males from other departments about anything that I did. Murray consulted with white officers on the police department and encouraged them to circumvant me as the chief of police. In short Murray interfered with the daily operations of the police department and intentionally sabotoged me.

The previous white chief's of police hired personnel and had a staff of fifteen officers, five dispatchers, and did not work with the other agencies.

Murray was one of many people that had a key to the evidence room before I was the chief of police.-I changed the locks and $716.00 was discovered missing. I contacted the State GBI to investigate this incident.

Murray contacted a local white male GBI Agent that is her friend and stopped the investigation that she is a suspect.

The FBI is currently investigating a complaint of Civil Rights Violations for exessive Use of Force on a Hispanic Male by two officers and that Murray and the City Attorney Hugh McCollough interfered with my duties as the chief of police by stopping me from having an outside agency conduct an Internal Affairs Investigation.

City Attorney Hugh McCollough represented four white people that burglarized a school in the city limits. McCollough did not contact me, rather went to a judge and worked out a plea.

Murray encouraged officers to disobey my request to follow the city's policy regarding the chain of command. She sent out an e-mail to everyone telling them to contact her, then sarcastically sent me a test e-mail.

Murray and lower ranking people on the police department yelled at me in a degrqading manner.

Murray and the city council allowed the police staff to by pass me in the chain of command and did not tell me about meetings.

Murray and the city council wrote a policy that gave the city manager sole authority to hire to prevent me from hiring personnnel. Although I worked with less than half the staff that the white chief's of police had.

Murray hired whites when she felt the need to and prevented me from staffing the department.

Murray immediately hired a white male as the chief of police after I was told that I would not be extended beyond my probationary period. This is a white male that Murray personally told me that she would have liked to have as the chief of police, far less qualifications than I. This positions was not advertised, yet I was not afforded the opportunity to hire a staff in six months becuase Murray continued to block me.

There is so much more

The city council ignored me when I complained about Murray and an e-mail that that she sent encouraging the officers to go directley to her.

Contact Gary if you can recommend an attorney to assist him.

Gary Patterson (706) 247-5477 email:

Well Patterson, it sounds like you were trying to do your job in an honorable way, surrounded by dishonerable people.

But look at it this way, it could have been worse if you hadn't been fired. It's like one of former President Richard Nixon's top aides once said.

"If I had stayed, I'd be just as bad as he is."


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