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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Will the city ever pay these officers their bounties?

For killing Tyisha Miller, three officers received the following payments from the city in the guise of "disability retirements."

Michael Alagna: $50,000 + 1/2 his RPD salary tax-free for life

Wayne Stewart: $100,000 + 1/2 his RPD salary tax-free for life

Gregory Preece(sergeant): 1/2 his RPD sergeant salary tax-free for life.

But what of the remaining two shooters who had probationary status at the time of Miller's killing?

What of them?

Word is Paul Bugar is especially bitter that he was on probation on his birthdate when the shooting occured, and has been fighting in court to prove that an 18 month probationary period is just way tooo long...Given that he was only on the force 8 1/2 months, was a year too long? Nine months too long? Or maybe he was just someone who never should have been given a gun, especially since he brought the moniker, "Bronco Billy" from his stint in the military police under the Air Force to the RPD?


Paul Bugar (aka Bronco Billy)

Bugar began his career in the military as a police officer and canine handler for the U.S. Air Force. According to court records, at least one Black supervising officer at March Air Force Base where Bugar was stationed made allegations of racism against him, including that Bugar refused to work with a Black supervisor, that he used racial slurs, that he loved to draw his gun so much, he was nicknamed 'John Wayne' or 'Bronco Billy' by other servicemen. He did some dog handling time near the Mexican border for U.S. Customs in the town of Laredo, Texas. For unknown reasons, Bugar was discharged six months early from the U.S. A. F. allegedly, because he didn't want to reenlist for another two-year stint. He then became a police dispatcher, then entered and graduated at the top of his class at the San Bernardino Police Academy and was hired by the Riverside Police Department. Minority officers disliked him, but the Whites loved him, even more so when he became their martyr after he and three other White officers were fired in 1999 for killing Miller. Allegations made against him by former RPD officer Rene Rodriguez included an assertion that Bugar had bragged, by saying he "capped that bitch twice in the head." Meaning he fired the first shot and the last two bullets in the execution. After being fired from the RPD, Bugar was hired by San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in 2000 as a dispatcher. After community protest, he was moved to computers, but later earned a certificate in criminal analysis and is working as a criminal analyst with the department.

Bugar's new haunt


Daniel Hotard

Daniel Hotard's background is more of a mystery. Whispers of allegations of racism involving him in high school, but nothing concrete. He was hired by RPD after a stint in the U.S. Marines where he drove trucks. He was allegedly turned down by both Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the Corona Police Department for unknown reasons. He last worked as a law clerk at a law firm located in the Inland Empire.


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