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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You've Got Mail......

Fan mail:

(source: Los Angeles Indymedia}

stupid f***ing hippies!
what a fucking moron. Im a skinhead and i have friends in the p.d. here in riverside. most police support us, and do not wish for us to be locked up. To say so is just ignorant. You damn liberals with your assumptions that all skinheads are illiterate white trash, you people are whats destroying this once great nation. And just to beat you to the punch, I am college educated, and in business. Now thats what I call "white power"!!

Woah, I can tell Joe, by the way your grammar and spelling prowness, lol. Not exactly news though, is it?

Stop it now
Please stop all your separatism. Stop your racism, stop your numbers game.
Why don't you become 'color blind,' isn't that what you expect of others. Several of the black officers that were hired because of affirmative action, ended up in jail...woops.

----color blind cop

Actually, it wasn't racial affirmative action that got Philip Graham in the RPD, it was his athletic prowness on the football team that did the trick. He had been a star running back at a Colorado university and the RPD wanted him to play on their intramural team.

Thats interesting. Tyhishit's blood was full of dope and alcohol. She also had 3 guns in her car. 1 was stolen. Do a freedom of info act release on the proerty sheets. Check the former PE NP articles.


Who must have been at roll call the day, Sgt. Al Brown(ret.) referred to Miller in that way.

The Black Voice shouldn't get the information. It would be too difficult to understand the ebonics version of the truth. Besides, they can't spell.
I’m excited for all the officers, and know that they will get awarded "big big bucks" for their (now official) wrongful termination.
Thanks to the leftnecks and colored people that hate whites and the police... the officers will be rich.
Thyisha was a dangerous heavily armed (several guns,) drug infested, drunk driving felon in progress.
Her girly friends will miss her though. But someday, they will be reunited with Ty-eat-shit Miller

--More JOE --

who again, must have been at roll call when former Sgt. Brown referred to Miller that way....

Thanks for helping the RPD 5
Now all four of the RPD officers including the Sgt, will all be very wealthy due to wrongful termination law suits.
My friends LAPD Sgt Stacey Koon, and Ofcr Lawrence Powell are millionaires due to what the liberals did to them.
The liberals keep hitting them, but in the long term they are causing these terminated cops to win big time. I love the liberals.

Rev. Billy Rhetts,

formerly known as Bill Rhetts the cop

False Propoganda
As the Chairman of the Grand Jury investigation of Sgt. Preece and the others involved in the shooting of Tyisha Miller, I found it to be a terrible tragedy of circumstances, but the officers acted appropriately, within their limited level of training. Sergeant Preece was only on the scene for 20 seconds, in the middle of the implimentatioon of the officer's poorly devised plan to disarm the woman.
When the Sergeant arrived, he saw another SWAT trained Corporal on scene and believed that HE would have stopped any poorly planned tactical maneuver, before it was put into place. He didn't and he was not punished by the police chief.
The termination of the officers, and the sergeant, were so egregious, that I had asked the district attorney's office to instruct the Grand Jury on how to prepare a "Writ of Accusation" against the chief for "Misfeasance and Nonfeasance of Office." Don't judge people until ALL of the facts have been released! Believe only a third of what the "Free Press" reports!

Bill Burnett

the objective, fact-finding grand jury chairman who after his stint ended, co-wrote a book about the Tyisha Miller shooting with none other than....Gregory Preece.


Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear Richard,

I'm not sure if you are still visiting my blog or not, but if you are reading this comment, I guess you are still here.

I have a question for you. What do you think of "Mark McFall"'s appearance on this site? I find it very interesting. Both the timing of his appearance and the fact that a RPD supervisor(albeit a retired one) is on this site at all, if it really is Mr. McFall who has been posting here.

Again, I hope your ongoing dialogues with other police officers to educate them on racial and religious issues continue to take place and are going well. It is a worthwhile endeavor after all if your heart is in the right place.

Have a nice day,

Sunday, July 30, 2006 4:34:00 PM  

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