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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Whatever happened with Officer David Hackman?

Hackman, in trouble again

This is what is happening to former RPD officer David Hackman now. What happened earlier during his stint in Riverside made what followed inevitable.

As mentioned in the article, Hackman was the center of some controversy in Riverside when he made racist slurs after four other RPD officers shot Tyisha Miller to death on Dec. 28, 1998. After an internal investigation, Hackman received a 30 day suspension without pay.

While in the locker room during the early morning hours following the shooting, Hackman saw fit to entertain some of his blue buddies with his rendition of Joan Miller grieving over the death of her granddaughter, Tyisha. He imitated her voice, and said, "Here's big Mama here to do the Watts' death wails". One of the officers present was not laughing. Former Officer Rene Rodriguez instead reported the comments made by Hackman and other officers to the Internal Affairs Division.

Another comment made by Hackman was in response to a comment made by former Sgt. Gregory Preece. He had referred to Miller, an African-American woman, as an "NHI". If you peruse the most recent manual of law enforcement venicular terms, you will find that NHI, means "No Human Involved" and is reserved for incidents where people of color have been beaten or killed by police officers.

Eventually, although the RPD refused to fire this racist cop, it did prod him to leave the agency and Hackman packed up his slogans and headed off for greener pastures, up in Northern California. Like his disgraced blue brother Michael Alagna, Hackman picked a LE agency nestled in a rural town in the central valley of Northern California, where there were relatively few African-Americans in residence to hide. Of course, predictably enough, Hackman got himself into trouble.

Hackman's boss, Sheriff Curtis Hill is defending his man.

Hill said he felt confident hiring Hackman and did a thorough background check before bringing him aboard.

“He did a fine job for us,” Hill said. “It’s unfortunate he got himself into this situation, but we’ll work our way through it.”

Work through it? Are you nuts? You have a deputy who is violent on and off the job and you want to keep him employed? Oh yeah, right it's your ass that's on the line here as hired him, after the (cough)thorough background check. (cough)

The sheriff's boss, a member of the Board of Supervisors is playing it cool...for now.

When Supervisor Ruth Kesler heard the lawsuit was filed she sighed and asked, “Who’s suing us now?” but declined to comment further until she is able to read the suit.

“There’s two sides to every story,” she said. “Until I get the other side of the story I don’t want to make any comments.”

Ruth, the other side of the story is in Riverside. Conducting at least a portion of Hackman's background check in this city could have saved you a lot of grief, two men a few broken bones and a bucketload of cash that the county will have to pay out to make Hackman's victims and Hackman go away.


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