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This site is dedicated to the continuous oversight of the Riverside(CA)Police Department, which was formerly overseen by the state attorney general. This blog will hopefully play that role being free of City Hall's micromanagement.
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Announcement about Blogger


As I'm sure some of you are aware Blogger and Blogspot have been experiencing many technical problems lately due to serious issues with their computer network hardware. There have been daily scheduled outages for both Blogger and Blogspot(where the blog is actually hosted) and many unscheduled ones.

Also, Blogger has informed its bloggers that there will be a mandatory move to Beta Blogger within a few weeks. As a result, this site will be down temporarily and/or be unable to be updated or have comments approved for an unspecified amount of time, possibly up to a week or two.

A portion of this blog is being hosted at the following site.

Posts will be published at both sites until up to the upgrade.

Stay tuned for future announcements on this issue.

Scheduled outage: Today at 12-2 pm, approximately give or take an hour or two on either end.

UPDATE: Sunday, Oct. 29, 2006

Blogger is addressing the publishing issue this morning. Hopefully, it will be up again soon.

Also, the comment count for the front page is incorrect. If you submitted a comment in the pastg 24 hours, all comments have been approved and they are posted on the appropriate threads even if the comments link says "0".


Blogger claims that the problem is fixed. We shall see. There's at least one comment on this thread and the past several threads.

Stay tuned on more updates on the move to Beta. Blogger claims that it should go smoothly but for some individuals, their blogs either are delayed, initially changed and then delayed when they upgrade. There are also other problems with the new Beta version that Blogger is still trying to iron out. From this point out, new posts will be done simultaneously here and at the site. Hopefully, when the time comes it will be smooth sailing for Five Before Midnight.


Anonymous Juan A. Juarez said...

The actions of the Riverside Police Department in this case is reprehensible and disrespectful to the victim's family. They are seeking the truth as to why an unarmed theft offender was shot down. I know that being a police officer demands split-second decision making, but why is it always shoot to kill. Taking a human life and then thinking nothing of accountablity is business as usual it seems in Riverside. The fact that these actions don't raise more indignation among the city's citizens is even more disturbing. Will the family of Douglas Steven Cloud see justice? Ten to one the shooting is justified by the Community Police Review Commission.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 1:03:00 AM  

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