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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bits and pieces from here, there, everywhere

On Sept. 2, presiding Judge Joan F. Burgess issued tentative rulings on motions in limine submitted by attorneys for both sides in the racial discrimination, harassment and retaliation case filed by RPD officer Roger Sutton in 2000.

After about an hour of argument had passed and the dust had settled, Burgess decided on all but three of the motions.


Alleged racist commments witnessed by Sutton, as well as those publicized in the media in relation to the shooting of Tyisha Miller.

Allegations of racist incidents after 1991, and several incidents in the 1980s.


Most racist events alleged to have occurred pre-1991

Testimony on a law suit filed against former Chief Sonny Richardson in the 1900s.

Testimony about an incident in 1999 when according to former Riverside County Grand Jury Chairman Bill Burnett, then-Internal Affairs Lt. Bob Meier handed over Sutton's entire personnel file to Burnett, calling Sutton a "troublemaker", at the same time the Internal Affairs Division was purportedly investigating allegations of racism Sutton made against the department.


Statistical information about racial disparities in the department's firing or suspending of its officers after sustaining allegations of misconduct against them

Tyisha Miller testimony

Testimony in relation to the complaint filed by former officer Rene Rodriguez, with the state's Fair Employment and Housing Office in 1999.

The trial which has been put on hold for nearly five years is tentatively set to begin next week, if the trial which is scheduled to precede it is put on hold, or settled.

Earlier in this blog, there was an entry about the current status of the city's very own 800 lb gorilla, formally known as the RPOA and how its leadership is isolating itself from the officers they are supposed to represent. It appears that many officers in the rank and file are very displeased with the actions taken by the RPOA's PAC in terms of the candidates it endorses. Most of these officers are not informed or even asked if they believe in supporting the endorsements of the candidates the RPOA PAC selects, most notably in the fourth ward, which makes sense because most of the officers who reside in Riverside live in the "white flight" ward. Frank Schiavone, the current councilmember in that ward, serves first and foremost, the developers who fund his campaign and attend his fundraisers. Police officers, as a profession, comes a bit lower on his list, and police officers who live in his ward and their families come further down, with the rest of us mortals.

Say, you live in OrangeCrest(Riverside's own CopLand)and you have to commute to work on what passes for streets(i.e. Allesandrio is a great example) in this city. Unchecked growth, hopelessly backlogged infrastructure including that which eases traffic congestion may be more pertinent issues to you than whether or not 500 more multi-million dollar estates get approved for development down the street. More traffic and congestion hassles for you, more $$$ for Friends of Frank, and you are voting him into office, why????

Because your union PAC tells you to?



An update on the NARCO-Gate entry as well. It appears that the situation that broke in 2002, after the DEA spilled the beans to the RPD about the conduct of two of its Narcotics detectives, was(at the time) only the latest allegation of misconduct to befall on Kipp.

It seems that closer to the beginning of his career in the RPD(which began on Jan. 2, 1981)Kipp's job was endangered by allegations made against him which led to another internal investigation. If not for assistance he received from an employee in the RPD's brother agency, The Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Kipp might not be with this agency today, sources say.


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