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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The invite list to Sutton's party

After three days, jury selection has been completed. There are 12 jurors and four alternates seated to hear the case. Of the main panel, there is one Black and two Hispanic jurors. Of the alternates, one is Black. The city kicked off at least four Black and Hispanic jurors and the judge called three Wheeler motions.

Over 50 witnesses are expected to testify:

Off. Richard Aceves
Off. Michael Andrews
Carla Aquino
Lt. Tim Bacon
Off. Brian Baitx
Capt. Mike Blakely
Sgt. Ed Blevins
ret. Sgt. Skip Blythe
Bill Burnett
Capt. Jim Cannon
Former chief Jerry Carroll
Off. Michael Carroll
Carl Chapman
Lt. Jeff Collapy
Capt. Richard Dana
Dep. Chief David Dominguez
Mark Elliot
Lt. Pete Esquival
Sgt. Valmont Graham
Penny Harrington
Off. Greg Hayden
Lt. Darryl Hurt
Sgt. Jeffrey Joseph
Offr. Kopkitch
Off. David L. Martin
Lt. Mark McFall
Al Mendoza
Sgt. Leon Phillips
Dep. Chief Andrew Pytlak
David Reever
ret. Lt. Wally Rice
Off. Steve Sdringola
Brad smith
ret. Asst. Chief Michael Smith
Off. Roger Sutton
Off. Ray Soto
Off. David Taylor
ret. Lt. Jay Theuer
Lt. Alex Tortes
Ret. Dep. Chief Audrey Wilson


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