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Monday, December 05, 2005

Wanted: Assistant Police Chief

This just in from the International Assn of Police Chiefs Web site:

Position: Assistant Police Chief
Deadline: 12/23/2005
Agency: City of Riverside, California
Location: Riverside, CA USA
Salary: $115,460-$151,021


Successful candidates should possess a minimum of fifteen years of increasingly progressive municipal law enforcement experience including attaining rank of Captain or above. If you have a proven track record of managerial effectiveness, a demonstrated ability to lead a complex police organization to achieve critical goals, possess a BA/BS degree and are committed to Community Oriented Policing, you are encouraged to apply. Completion of a recognized advanced law enforcement leadership program or comparable advanced management training program with a Master’s Degree in law enforcement, business or public administration is highly desirable.

Responsibilities: The City of Riverside, California (pop 300,000), the 13th largest City in California and recently named as “America’s Most Livable Community” is seeking an energetic, self-driven and results oriented municipal law enforcement professional to serve as its Assistant Police Chief. Riverside is centrally located in southern California approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles and 100 miles north of San Diego. The City’s total budget of 555.7 million reflects a staff of approximately 2,600 including 394 sworn personnel and 185 civilian employees in the Police Department. The position serves as the Chief of Staff and is the Acting Police Chief in the Chief’s absence. The position assumes full management responsibilities for the overall operations of a large, modern and data-driven metropolitan Police Department.
Special Conditions: Out of State candidates will be expected to acquire California POST certification within one year of employment.

For more information, contact:Teresa McAllister3780 Market StreetRiverside,CA 92501USAPhone: (951)826-5239Fax: (951)826-5922Email: tmcallis@riversideca.govWebsite:

How To Apply: Interested candidates should submit a completed application and supplemental with your resume by December 23, 2005. Recruitment package is available on-line or by contacting the: City of Riverside Human Resources Department, 3780 Market Street, Riverside, Ca 92501 (951) 826-5808 FAX (951) 826-2552


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, I think we need a lesbian as our next Ass. Police Chief!

Happy Kwanza Sandalou

Your's Truly

Cagney and Lacey

Thursday, December 08, 2005 8:37:00 PM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear "Cagney and Lacey",

Quite the cutup today, aren't you?

Still in the midst of your ahem, choice of locker room humor lies an important point. Why shouldn't the RPD hire a lesbian as its next asst. chief? Are qualified candidates who are lesbians to be excluded from the process?

Are female candidates who apply for this position assumed to be lesbians?

The RPD is an equal employment opportunity department after all, or so its leadership claims. It can not exclude anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation if they are qualified for the position.

Your choice of username is very interesting, and serves as a reminder in a historical sense, of the culture at the RPD. One of the allegations former Sgt. Keers made in her rather costly sexual discrimination and harassment law suit is that male officers use to say that if two female patrol officers worked a shift together, they were assigned to the "lesbian car". In that context, your choice of usernames for this particular post makes a lot of sense.

have a nice day,

p.s. for future reference, "Kwanza" has two "as". If those conducting the departmental cultural diversity program told you otherwise, they are wrong.

Friday, December 09, 2005 1:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary, I don't think "Cagney and Lacey" is saying that lesbians should not be Chiefs of Police...Afterall, I worked with a lesbian back in the seventies and she was a great cop. Her name was Bonnie-she was also HOT!!!

Sincerely Yours,

Frank "Ponch" Poncharella

P.S. I agree with you about needing to get the Kwanza thing right. We do not want to offend the Afro-American community...
By the way, when Tookie gets the peace be with you needle, "Beers will be on me." Dont worry Sandalou, I know---St. Ides in the foty oz. fo u!

Friday, December 09, 2005 5:56:00 PM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear "Ponch":

As I recall, "Bonnie" was just a female cop who didn't want to go out with you. Hence, the classification.

As for the rest of your ahem, commentary, it just goes to show how true the following adage is:

The more things appear to change. The more they remain the same. What is past is prologue.

p.s. Kwanza, with two "as", remember.

Saturday, December 10, 2005 2:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're so right Mary about the more things change the more they stay the same. Afterall, with all of the time spent trying to rehabilitate our youth (particularly on the East side) and all of the stipulations and politics that have created a reactive police force instead of a pro-active one, there are still a number of black males with big afros selling rock cocaine and pimpin hookers; and there are still Hispanic gangters claiming turf and shooting innocent citizens; and there are still a large number of blacks pointing guns at the faces of innocent shop owners and employees and tying them up and taking things that don't belong to them while devestating these inncocent victims for life. Yup, the more things change,the more they stay the same!!!

Salam Salakem


Sunday, December 11, 2005 10:49:00 AM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear Starsky:

I take it then, you are not a supporter of the AG's stipulated agreement then. Why don't I find that surprising?

Your point on the adage wasn't what I had in mind, but it fits it just the same, though not in the way you attended it to fit. Rationalization is the natural response to this issue, but it does show that you did understand my point.

I have been one of those innocent victims in the "pro-active" days when cops didn't go into those neighborhoods unless they had to keep the crime from spilling out into the surrounding wealthier neighborhoods, yet I don't despise an entire race of people because of what individuals have done. I guess I'll leave that up to you.

And strangely, we never see that generalization made in reaction to the propensity of White people who are also criminals like we do with other races.

Have a nice day,

Monday, December 12, 2005 10:08:00 AM  
Blogger Sandalou said...

>>>Hey Mary, I think we need a lesbian as our next Ass. Police Chief!

Well, in your case Starsky/Ponch/C & L, (Deputy Hogg would be soooo much easier, and so appropriate), an ASS Police Chief would certainly be fitting.

Why is it not suprising that you think the force in particular and the world in general would be a better place if you and your ilk were left in peace to harass, threaten, assault and kill as the spirit moved you and only protect the 'hoods where the Christmas graft is good.

Not only insecure and inadequate, but stupid as well. The 'finest' indeed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 4:21:00 AM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear Sandalou:

"Starsky" sure says a lot in a few words, doesn't he? In real life? His mouth is probably considered a dangerous weapon. Even the people who work with him probably wonder what he's going to say next.

"Starsky" is definitely old guard and wants things back to the way they used to be pre-consent decree. He and his ilk were the ones who said in the beginning that as soon as the AG went home, things would go back to the old way. They fought most of it, especially the expansion of the probational period of sergeants from six months to nine months. They used that to negotiate themselves higher salaries, which is fine. The higher paid officers are, the better quality of candidates this department can attract, now that elements of the hiring process including psychological testing of applicants is in place. Elements that before 2000 did not exist, or if they did, were disregarded by departmental management.

Before the decree, these same folks fought civilian review, the pretext traffic stop studies, the Early Warning System, diversity in hiring, diversity training and a host of other reforms that arose from the stipulated agreement's predecessor, the Mayor's Use of Force Panel Task Force.

Today, they are better paid, better trained and better equipped under the "stipulations" than they were before, yet "Starksy" and his friends are still unhappy. They miss the "cowboy" days, as AG Bill Lockyer referred to them. Maybe they miss the atmosphere in the roll call room back when racial, gender, sexual and homophobic jokes and comments flourished outside the scope of a video camera. Maybe there's too many newer officers, female officers, Black officers they can no longer easily relate to, or feel comfortable around. And then there's that whole civilian review thing.

To have had all these extra opportunities and $20 million spent to improve their lot, makes them extraordinarily priviliaged among their profession. Still, the glass is empty. The percentage of White officers is slowly diminishing. I had no idea until I started receiving comments on this blog how much race and gender factored into the RPD's dynamic, nearly five years after the stipulated agreement was put in place. Even in the workplace and if that's the case, then the communities as well.

"Starsky/Serpico" painted an interesting, if alarming picture of how he viewed situations involving management in his own agency.

However, soon enough, a colleague of his, DJ, aka Gatekeeper of the Blue Wall, came on with a warning to "Starsky" not to gossip about departmental management(which he dutifully obeyed) and a laundry list of assorted nicknames of Black and female officers who were "bad" and were to be dealt with internally. Notice the lack of white male officers on that "naughty" list.

The bad conduct of White male officers is apparently protected by the "Blue Wall" or excused in the case of one white male officer on probation in connection with a "road rage" incident, but apparently that alleged or otherwise, involving Black male officers and female officers is not. Those officers only became shielded by the wall, when one officer, DJ, expressed concern that other officers(read: White male) might get into trouble in connection with these alleged incidents involving Black male officers and female officers.

To the "old guard" even though White male officers comprise about half of the department, they are the most oppressed, by race and gender. Even though most of those in management are White and all of them are male. Even though the leadership inside the department's labor union, is all male and predominantly White. Still, these positions of power within the department are small consolation to some of the "old guard" White male officers, who used to hold every position of power and now are in the position of sharing a bit of it.

The "old guard" also appears to view their descendents with disdain and scorn.

After all, didn't he refer to the newer officers as acting out of "cowardness" and "laziness"? Didn't "Starsky" say that the FTOs were not pro-active, but weak allowing in too many female officers? Oh wait, maybe that was one of his friends. The one who said if they could "smack that punk down on the ground" they and their new male counterparts were in the brotherhood. Even with all the changes, some things clearly have not changed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 9:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary...Mary...Mary, you again get it wrong, but what else is new.

"However, soon enough, a colleague of his, DJ, aka Gatekeeper of the Blue Wall, came on with a warning to "Starsky" not to gossip about departmental management(which he dutifully obeyed) and a laundry list of assorted nicknames of Black and female officers who were "bad" and were to be dealt with internally."

My previous entry was not directed as a warning to anybody. I simply wanted to remind everyone who contributes to your blog that innocent people get hit by cross fire all the time...just be careful.

Hey Mary...give us a good laugh and express your views on the death of Stanley "Tookie" Williams.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005 11:32:00 AM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear "DJ":

Thank you for your timely comments and your clarification of your previous remarks punctuated by the admonition to be careful. They are appreciated and bring further clarity to your prior statements. Not that much was needed.

These were your prior comments, in fact perhaps your only comments:

Hey boys, Just keep in mind there could be many other "good dudes" brought into these incidents you are laying out here in public. I do agree Charles 211 and LT....errrr Sgt Julia Roberts....errrrrrr Bitter Beer Face...need to be dealt with, but this is not the forum to be throwing our own under the matter who they are. Because there are others involved who could be adversly affected.

Just something to think about...

I think it's fairly obvious what you meant. You obviously think otherwise and need to rephrase yourself, which you are entitled to do for whatever reason.

In regards to Stanley "Tookie" Williams, one would think that you would have had enough laughs(and beers) after his execution already to have exhausted any gaiety left to expend at my expense. It's not shocking to most people that you find the death of African-Americans, good or bad, so funny. We all know that, having learned through the behavior exhibited after the shooting of Tyisha Miller. So did the rest of the world. For most, that was their introduction to the RPD. A legacy that the city is still trying to live down, even as some of you hope to perpetuate it.

After all, it's to be expected from certain members of the "Old Guard" in the RPD of which you clearly are a member. As is the laughter that you no doubt will engage in just reading my comments. Just remember, don't laugh with your mouth full.

But again, it goes back to the adage, that the more things appear to change, the more they remain the same. Some say a leopard can't change his spots. Maybe that applies equally to both Williams and some folks at the RPD.

Have a nice day,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 1:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So other than the fact that an African-American was put to death, i seriously want to hear your views on the incident. No jokes, no lauhgter, just curious. I figured you would have been a defender of his life. I was ready for you to tell us how California exicuted an innocent man. Or maybe Arnold is a racist. Or did a guilty man just pay his debt to society? Maybe the Police Officers who caught him planted the evidence. Maybe everyone but you is racist. Which is it? As far as the "give us a laugh" comment, I guess that might be unfair to you. But I have to laugh at most of your views. My spots will never change, only multiply


Wednesday, December 14, 2005 1:29:00 AM  
Blogger Sandalou said...


Obviously I badly overestimated both your intelligence and your integrity. Now you've decided thet thinly veiled threats may be more effective than attempts to shut down those of your pack even more vocal and less intelligent than yourself.

Innocent people do get caught in the crossfire. Guess that means that you and yours are safe even if the real cops aren't. But, you and yours have already started the final slide into the quagmire of your own stupidity. That's why you're here making fools of yourselves and trying to distract everyone with comments like those about Mr. Williams. You're all sinking into the quicksand of your own actions and the more you struggle the faster you sink.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 1:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tookie's lawyers "F"ed up. Instead of taking their case to the Governor, they should have gone to the cprc. They are so great in investigating things that they would have got him a pardon. Wait, they can't even get a shooting investigation right.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 10:03:00 AM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear DJ:

Well, sorry to disappoint you. I only wish that you folks in your response to it would have "disappointed" me. But your(plural) participation in this process has been very illuminating thus far.

Thank you for your comments. I will be ready to have a serious conversation about the case of Stanley "Tookie" Williams as soon as you are able to do so and you clearly are not. Instead, you use it as a diversion away from the topics being discussed here, which is clearly what you are doing here or to do what no doubt comes instinctually to you, take control of the dialogue.

For you(plural), it is something to joke about how you plan to celebrate it over beers either because you mean it, or to get a rise out of me, or perhaps both. You even use your laughter as a diversion, from at least in part, yourself.

As for being curious, how could that be true, if you have it all figured out how I view this issue? No need to feign any interest.

So I'll leave you to your laughter, celebratory beers and jokes with your buddies. The ironic thing is, is that out of curiosity I had asked some folks I know how they think the RPD's officers would respond to the execution of Williams. They told me, the officers would probably laugh, celebrate, probably over beers. None of these people were laughing when they said these things. Guess, we should leave that up to you guys.

Comments pretty close to those expressed by yourselves here. And you may find that funny enough to laugh at so go ahead. However, I find it pretty sad.

If you need to laugh at my comments, by all means, go ahead. Laughter is my personal favorite of all three of the defense mechanisms I've seen here so far. :-)

Mahatma Gandhi was right, after all. I guess some things really don't change.

have a nice day and remember not to laugh with your mouth full,

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 11:33:00 AM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear Sandalou:

Considering the department's treatment of its whistle blowers including Rene Rodriguez in 1999, the behavior here is not really surprising.

Even if there is misconduct in the department, no one's going to talk about it because they don't want to be in a situation where they call for backup and it doesn't come and they are not in a profession where they have the luxury to be ostracized from their peers or supervisors.

That is why it is so difficult to determine whether any allegations here have merit or whether they just are just indicative of the current race and gender dynamics of the RPD which appears somewhat unpleasant. That is also why inhouse investigation of any alleged misconduct just does not appear to be possible or it would have been done by now.

That's why "DJ"'s initial comments weren't really all that necessary. Well, except for his aside that he and others in his social peer group would deal with his list of "bad" officers. Yet, they have not done so, because they really are not able to do so, again because of the social dynamics of their environment and their admitted lack of empathy or concern about the "innocent" victims including that poor mentally ill man involved in the roof incident.

Inadvertantly, "DJ" helped provide a rather compelling argument for outside oversight of the police department.

Reme Rodriguez was forced to accept food from his church for his family and slept in the living room of his house after one of the sergeants he made an allegation against, delivered his back to work order, with baton in hand. Even when he tried to find work elsewhere, attempts were made to block his hiring. You would think, out of sight, out of mind, all parties would move forward. That apparently was not the case. "60 Minutes" did a segment on his experiences in the RPD.

There are good officers in the RPD. It's just highly doubtful that they are hanging out here. But you're right in that they usually suffer in the end as a result of how the not-so-good officers conduct themselves.

Why work to build bridges with community members, which takes courage, patience and time when another officer can destroy that bridge more quickly than it can be built? Some of them are quite disillusioned at this point, but it's not like they can point fingers at the people they might need to save their lives in another situation. I used to think it was odd when they told me these things, but then some of the things I've seen posted here would have seemed odd a few months ago.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 12:10:00 PM  

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