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Monday, August 21, 2006

CPRC Special Meeting: Terry Rabb

The Community Police Review Commission has scheduled a special meeting to approve the final draft of its public report on the officer-involved-death case involving Terry Rabb.

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2006

Time: 5:30pm

Location: Riverside Utility Building, 3901 Orange St.(1/2 block east of City Hall)

The CPRC was briefed on its own investigation of the Rabb incident by its private investigator Butch Warnberg at its last meeting. Then its members began collectively to draft a report to release to the public, detailing its narrative and analysis of the incident.

After the public report is approved by the CPRC, it will meet in closed session to determine whether or not the officers acted within departmental policy during the Rabb incident. That meeting is tentatively scheduled for the second Wednesday in September.

Earlier on Aug. 23, at 4:30pm, the CPRC will meet in closed session to determine whether or not the officer-involved shooting of Todd Argow was within the department's policy regarding the use of lethal force. It is expected that the CPRC will back its investigator's own findings and determine that the shooting was within policy.

CPRC Public Report: Todd Argow

(Adobe Acrobat required)

Other officer-involved death reports
(Adobe Acrobat required)

Summer Lane

Finding: Outside of policy

Volne Lamont Stokes

Finding: Within policy

Rene Guevara

Finding: Within policy

Vanpaseuth Phaisouphanh

Finding: Within policy


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