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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's a Mad, Mad House at Orange Street Station: Another State Probe Looming?

Another Day Another Investigation Against Riverside Police Department?

Top Civilian Manager Employee Karen Aquino files complaint with State Attorney' General's Office

alleging misuse of city funds, malfeasance. 

The Three Amigos' administration might be facing a state probe


Having gone the route of dealing with alleged misuse of asset forfeiture funds under Chief Russ Leach's regime, I've seen just how seriously the city and Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach take it...NOT!  And it's the taxpayer's money after all. 

I'd heard the State DOJ was looking into the RPD on some manner. Perhaps this is it. Guess we'll all see what happens...but color me not surprised. 

So many funding sources and grants...where to start... perhaps with the letter "A". 

To the City of Riverside:

Well I'm stunned. I'm also writing my records requests right now, starting in alphabetical order with the various funds mentioned in this article. Let's see I think that's Asset Forfeiture b/c it begins with an "A". I'll have to bring those report records up to date anyway...and then the COPS grant and I'll start by calling DOJ in DC to see what the exact regulations are for the granting and use of those monies. I will be asking also for the fates of the 15 officers under the grant and what money is being paid to them out of the 20013-20014 budget given that the money was awarded in 2010. And then I'll move on from there. I expect full cooperation on my record requests. pursuant to CPRA laws. That means you Mr. Priamos. 

I'm on the side that's not exploiting the police department, its employees and its resources because this is 2013 and that's just starting to get real old...tiresome...insulting and real expensive on the taxpayer. That's always my concern because I believe in the community/police/and city (though this part messes up too) partnership and don't want to see it jeopardized by any mismanagement. I'm on the side of people who take a stand to oppose to and if necessary expose it if wrongdoing is part of doing business in this city and its department. That's pretty much it.

Get the information, do some research and we'll see what turns up. It's an integrity of a department and the people of our city that foster a relationship with it often in difficult circumstances. 

Allegedly City Manager Scott Barber and City Attorney Greg Priamos are less than thrilled with the administration especially Priamos since he's not so "hands on" the police department as in the past.  But if something's going on are their hands clean? 

And no, the city under no circumstances should be allowed to investigate these allegations...they simply don't come off as that credible.  An outside probe or two is definitely needed. State and federal funding is involved AND because we know that DA Paul Zellerbach is not going to do a damn thing inside Riverside when it comes to Public Integrity. 

The City Manager of course is keeping silent on the issue...but will his bosses, the City Council have the votes to call for an independent review and audit of the monies involved? He's set to brief them hopefully soon.  

One member of the dais has expressed concern about the situation and the call for an independent review and audit outside the city. Will the other council members agree or be as quiet as they were the last time we had um...problems?

And of course what will Mayor Rusty Bailey think?

For your reading pleasure:  some FAQs on "retention" requirements on COPS Grants

CPRA Request submitted this morning to Asst. Finance Director Scott Catlett and CCed to Patty Tambe, and Deputy Chief Michael Blakely who oversees the civilian side of the police department. 

Oct. 30, 2013 
Scott Catlett, Asst. Financial Director
City of Riverside
RE: Public Records Act Request

Dear Mr. Catlett,

Pursuant to my rights under the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250 et seq.), I ask to (inspect/obtain a copy of) the following, which I understand to be held by your agency:

The grant award number and ORI# for the COPS Hiring Grant which the city submitted and was awarded monies for 15 sworn officer positions around 2010

I ask for a determination on this request within 10 days of your receipt of it, and an even prompter reply if you can make that determination without having to review the record[s] in question.

If you determine that any or all or the information qualifies for an exemption from disclosure, I ask you to note whether, as is normally the case under the Act, the exemption is discretionary, and if so whether it is necessary in this case to exercise your discretion to withhold the information.

If you determine that some but not all of the information is exempt from disclosure and that you intend to withhold it, I ask that you redact it for the time being and make the rest available as requested.

In any event, please provide a signed notification citing the legal authorities on which you rely if you determine that any or all of the information is exempt and will not be disclosed.

If I can provide any clarification that will help expedite your attention to my request, please contact me at (951-333-7588.). I ask that you notify me of any duplication costs exceeding $0 before you duplicate the records so that I may decide which records I want copied.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Mary Shelton______________________

Note: Patty Tambe is out of office until Oct. 31, 2013

What is this Fascination with Golf?

Why is the Public Sector incorporating the sport into the job responsibilities of Management?

Now that this is done...inquiring minds want to know. Why is the assistant chief out showing off his golf handicap on the public time and dime if that's what's going on?  And why on earth would a gaggle of lieutenants want to play golf with a higher ranking officer? Well...if that's what is going on...then I can think of for exercise, time spent in the sunshine outdoors, stress relief, get to check out what everyone else is wearing but... there's still missing the obvious. 

It's all about networking too...because eventually a captain's position will open up as the current crop ages out and someone's got to fill it.  And weren't we supposed to say bye bye to all this nonsense when a new chief came into power?    

Guess Who's Going to the Federal Grand Jury?

"We're witnesses not targets..."

Real Snappy Suit, Tom Desantis...Ace them at the Grand Jury...


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