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Monday, November 04, 2013

Riverside Police Foundation: Privately Run, Publicly Funded?


---- Off to Greener Pastures? Will someone at Orange Street be leaving soon?

Down to the  two Finalists in Chandler, Arizona,  including our very own Asst. Chief Chris Vicino, and yes, they know about the investigation. 

Excerpts:  (The Republic)

“The allegations that she’s making right now, I would look forward to talking to an investigator and having them open our books and look at the things that we do here,” Vicino told The Republic.

“We were aware of it,” Chandler spokeswoman Nachie Marquez said. “That gives (City Manager Rich Dlugas) one more thing to be able to inquire about” when he visits the Riverside Police Department as part of the recruitment process.
“When you’ve been in the business 20, 30 years, there’s going to be something,” she said. “You kind of check it through to make sure there’s legitimacy and do the due diligence that’s required.”

But it appears that Chandler got its chief when Vicino allegedly pulled himself out of the finals. 

----Off to sergeant faced termination this month.

---With Moreno Valley facing the feds, who's next in Riverside County? Is this sizing up to be a competitive race?

Mike Soubirous leads in early results for Ward Three...53% to 43%.... and it widens as the night goes on....elections in River City don't go to those who rack up all the "right" endorsements, they go to those who walk the most miles in their ward, precinct by precinct and back again. Apparently his opponent Valerie Hill began her precinct walking too late in the game. 

City Launches Probe of Allegations by "Independent" Counsel and an "independent" Investigator....after the closed session held on it today.  We'll see won't we if it's worth more than a bucket of warm bull spit 

Publicly owned building or for private sector use?

Orange Street Headquarters is the "business address" for the Riverside Police Foundation, according to the Secretary of State

And its Financial Officer is a member of the State Assembly

From the Foundation's own site:

The Riverside Police Foundation (RPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing “Service to Youth” and assisting the Riverside Police Department (RPD) with its community outreach. The foundation shares RPD’s vision of taking a leadership role in providing a variety of programs to enhance the city’s service to youth. By doing this, the quality of life for all of our community members will be increased.

The RPF relies on community-based funding from private donors including individuals, small businesses, and corporations whom support our mission through volunteerism, cash donations, and in-kind services and products.

  • Donations may be made on-line by clicking the donate button to the right or via USPS to:Riverside Police Foundation
    C/O Riverside Police Department
    Attention Supervisor Karen Haverkamp
    4102 Orange Street
    Riverside, California 92501.

So for example, who's paying for Karen Haverkamp who's also a Riverside Police Department employee to perform her duties with the Foundation including soliciting and collecting private donations.  Is her compensation for providing these duties being provided through a portion of the donations, is she working for free or... is it part of her duties under which the city is paying her salary and benefits? 

Haverkamp's place in RPD's food chain

TBC.....but also....

The Case of the Disappearing Field Operation Positions...


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