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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Did the RPD amend its version of the Summer Lane shooting?

As stated in the previous entry, a bombshell was dropped by Investigator Norm Wright at the Sept. 28 CPRC meeting regarding the officer involved shooting of Summer Lane last December. But what was downplayed, was the fact that the RPD's version of the incident matched that presented by Wright in front of the stunned commissioners. Even Officer Ryan Wilson's version of events he provided in a statement fit the picture.

Contrast that, with the version of the shooting the RPD presented at a special meeting on Dec. 22, 2004. At that meeting, the police department said that Wilson had been placed by witnesses BEHIND Lane's car, and that he shot at her while she was trying to back into him. When asked by one commissioner if Wilson was on the ground, the department said:

"Yes....We think so..."
You think?????
Looking back, it is crystal clear that the first version, no wait, the second version of the shooting farmed out by the department has no basis in fact, according to the eyewitness testimony provided. Apparently, even Wilson's version, at some point, contradicted the department's version that it presented last December.

So what happened between last Dec. 22 and Sept. 28?

Why was the department providing a version of the Lane shooting that could have been nothing else but the figment of their imagination? At that point in the investigation, the primary interviews of Wilson, the participant and all the civilians standing by and watching, were done. All that was waiting by Dec. 22, likely were more sophisticated toxicology tests conducted on Lane's tissue samples and/or her blood and ballistic analysis and tests done on Wilson's firearm.
Let's look again:

DEC 22, 2004: Wilson was on the ground behind Lane's car and shot at her while she tried to run him over.

Sept. 28, 2005: Wilson walked behind Lane's stationary vehicle, up to the driver's window and shot at her three-four times, without issuing verbal commands, before walking back to handcuff a subdued or unconscious Grotness.

Wilson's statement adheres to the Sept. 28 version, a source has said. All the eyewitnesses stories match the Sept. 28 version, Wright has said.

Where did the RPD's version of the Lane shooting it gave in its briefing on Dec. 22 come from?

Can any of the department's brass answer this question, please?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary, you are way out of line. Go to Food 4 Less and look up at the roof in front of the parking lot. You will see video camera's covering the whole parking area. This entire event was on video. Proof of what happened. Ryan did nothing except save his own life. Is that wrong? Maybe you think so. I've got a news flash for you. People try to kill police officers. Done believe me, go look at the hundreds of names each year posted on the peace officers memorial wall in D.C. Stop with the conspiricy stuff.

Saturday, October 15, 2005 2:30:00 AM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear Closeted Cop:

Actually the footage of the incident by those store video cameras did not show the shooting or most of the altercation before hand and the general quality as is common with outdoor video cameras was not really good, according to the report by Norm Wright to the CPRC. Funny, I did not see you attending that meeting. And I'm assuming the department had access to the same video footage the department had, right?

Paul Benoit, helicopter pilot for the department, saw portions of the fight as he circled above the mall but in Johnson's report, it mentions that he could not see what was under the "covered foyer".

He called the fight "violent" but issued a 11-11, according to a report written by Sgt. Steve Johnson to Chief Leach on Dec. 7, 2004. That was preceded by Wilsons's earlier 11-11 call, which had to have been made while he was around the doorway of the store b/c he lost his radio(although he was not aware of this, according to his statement)

I actually had paid for copies of the entire report including the two VHS videos involving the surveillance cameras' footage despite being told by CPRC director Pedro Payne that they were "useless" but the city attorney blocked my information request and denied me the material. The department actually was fine with the release, if not the city attorney. Hmmm...

The department supports your contention in its investigations, so why are you complaining here? Wilson's in the clear. Whether that is as it should be remains to be seen. I know you guys don't like outside scrutiny, so your concerns about it are not unexpected.

Yes, I am aware that many officers are shot and killed in the line of duty. Who isn't?

A friend of mine lost her father that way, and the impact was devastating. However, he died doing what he wanted to do and was aware of the risks. Would he have changed his decision to be in LE had he known what would happen? Probably not. It doesn't mean his family did not miss him in their lives.

Also, here's some news: More cops died last year in onduty car crashes, according to national statistics, yet there is no equal concern among LE officer in promoting safety for officers when they are driving or inside their vehicles. Especially given your propensity for driving while talking on your cell phones, which btw, is as risky as driving drunk.

Also, in case you did not know this, officers are at high-risk of suicides, including those viewed as "accidents" yet suicide in LE is still highly stigmitized and ignored, due in large part to your culture and the concerns about having psychological counseling sessions recorded in personnel files. There's a memorial page for those deaths as well.

Conspiracy, wow scary word, Despite the hyperbole and spit thrown about with that word in order to discount disagreement of your opinion, all it entails is a collusion between two or more persons about an unlawful or inethical act. Where would the conspiracy be here? After all, I'm not the one who brought that issue up.

And thanks for your investigative conclusions in this case and your findings on this shooting. Another reason why, perhaps it's not appropriate for LE agencies to investigate shootings by their own officers. The bias while completely understandable and very human does not make a good case for an objective examination of the facts by the LE agency involved in the investigation.

Take care and hope that blue closet isn't too stuffy,

Saturday, October 15, 2005 2:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above had a good point. Go to Washington DC in May. Look at all the names of the brave officers on the wall. Which gave their life to protect people like you (Liberal/a&& Clown). But I sit here and really think about you being there. I want to throw up thinking that you would be at a place that honors those heros. I don't know how you look at your self in the mirror. I hope that you find yourself in a tuff spot one day and call for the help of an officer. I hope he shows up and saves your life (It was hard to type that) and you find out what we do everyday to help a stranger, even if they are an a&& clown like you.

Saturday, October 29, 2005 8:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary, there was also a audio recording from a 911 cell caller in which the female caller is screaming that an officer is being run over (not attempting to run over the officer) but "running over the officer". Why would a independent witness call & say he was being run over if it did not happen?????????????????????

Monday, November 07, 2005 8:59:00 PM  
Blogger Five Before Midnight said...

Dear Closeted cop:

Unfortunately, the department did not include a tape of any 9-11 phone call by a woman in its investigative report, nor did it provide a transcript of that call. Nor did it provide the CAD sheet which would have documented that call. None of this was included in the RPD's 635 pages of documents. You would have think they would have included this important documentation, yet it's not in there.

They do have a CAD sheet and an interview of a man who called 9-11 on his cell phone in this report.

As for the DC wall, yes I am aware that it exists. A friend of mine from jr. high school's father is on that wall.

I don't think you have to worry about the police having to save my life. On another thread, they said don't bother to call them for help. I won't.

Friday, December 02, 2005 2:33:00 PM  

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