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Sunday, October 02, 2005

A drop here and there...

The Roger Sutton Racial Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation trial is ongoing...

Trying to get that southern jury

Sutton tells his story

Interesting how a Black officer can be removed from a unit for forgetting his commands, but a White officer can be exonerated for shooting someone to death while apparently forgetting his commands.

Interesting article by Press Enterprise reporter Sarah Burge, on the police officer shortage:

More cops needed, Mayor promises 50 more cops on campaign trail
***registered site alert***

Interestingly enough, just several weeks ago, as part of the latest Eastside action plan, there was a proposal to work with Human Resources Director Art Alcarez to hire more cops, and to speed up the hiring process. A short conversation with Chief Russ Leach revealed that the area of hiring to be sped up was the background checking. He assured me that doing so would not compromise the quality of officers hired by the department. Famous last words by many a police chief before who did just this, and then woke up one morning to the realization that they had officers out doing home invasion robberies, robbing banks and becoming involved in corruption scandals, ala Rampart CRASHed.

Yes, there is a serious need for more officers, especially with the population growth that comes along with being one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, not to mention several huge annexations that the city has done without of course, ensuring that they had the proper infrastructure in place beforehand. Greed can not be thwarted or slowed by pesky things like details. However, you can not sacrifice quality in the search for quantity. Yet, every department that has tried to quickly beef up its troops in the past has done just this and has paid a heavy price for it, publicly. The community pays the price. The officers and agency plays the price. Hiring a quality cop will take serious money($125,000 or higher) and time, and it will always be that way. Accept it.

Day 60 in the ongoing quest to obtain statistical information from the police department regarding its internal investigations has passed without no response from Police Chief Russ Leach. It is always a struggle to get information the public is entitled to receive from one of the least transparent agencies in the state. LOL.

It just goes to show when it comes to keeping your agency on the right track in a wide variety of areas, you can never turn your back on it...especially its administration.


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